A lifelong student of religion and active churchgoer of 10 years, I recently journeyed out of Christianity in favor of loving others, myself, and the Earth without the confines of religion. I wrote a book about my experiences. I blog primarily to support other nonbelievers, or those who are exiting religion.  I also aim to engage theists in respectful and enlightening conversation about atheism, Humanism, and other topics of interest to the nonbelieving community, even if this serves to address the needs and questions of the religious community. I welcome comments from everyone, with the understanding that my readership on both sides does not wish to be convinced or converted. My goal is to lift others as they exercise their inherent right to question, apply knowledge, and seek truth along their unique life journeys. I hope, through the years, to increase awareness and understanding between theists and atheists and to raise appreciation for the beautiful diversity within my human family. 525712_3734191037409_659193129_n