OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI spent several years of my life as a Christian, before discovering that religion hampered my freedom to love myself and others for who they really are. Needless to say, the journey out of religion entails some interesting emotions, criticism from many sides, and a lot of amazing discoveries. After I revealed my decision to close friends and family members, several people contacted me and secretly confided their own mixed feelings, concerns, and doubts about the spiritual path they were on. I had no idea how many people, just like myself, had been facing these issues with no support. I decided that my story could provide moral support for those questioning religion and in the process of discovering a new path. I learned that Christians have used my book to gain an understanding of perspectives that differ from their own. For nonbelievers, my book has reaffirmed (in a sometimes comical way) what they have known all along. I hope it can be a positive resource for you as well, and I am always available to provide whatever support I can along your journey.

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